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Mesothelioma and Asbestos Lawsuits

 The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network

   The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network is dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure and Mesothelioma Cancer. Many veterans are unaware of these dangers and provides a variety of services to these veterans for free. These services include finding local doctors and treatment centers, a support group that is held once a month, and the services of our VA-accredited claims agent to help veterans receive the full amount of benefits that they deserve. 

    And also here's the toll free number as well: (888) 797-2649

Mesothelioma Guide:

Good Morning

My name is Michael Egan, and I’m emailing you on behalf of I was hoping you might have some room for our information on

A little about myself: I served US Marine Corp and US Navy units in The Gulf War. During shipboard firefighting training, I severely injured my knee. Later on during my service in the Persian Gulf, I became ill and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, likely due to toxic chemical exposure. I'm now a Disabled Veteran.

I help Maritime Injury Center in advocating for mariners, merchant marines and veterans alike. Now more than ever, I think its important everybody to understand the significance of the Jones Act and how it impacts the captain and crew of merchant ships hauling military cargo in times of peace and engagement. You can find out more about the Jones Act at

If possible, I would ask that you consider including Maritime Injury Center as a resource, supporting both maritime workers and our armed forces. 

All the very best,

Michael K. Egan

USN Petty Officer 3rd Class Disabled Veteran


Virgil Anderson was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, which is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. He came in contact with asbestos while working on his family’s farm, but he was mainly exposed during his job as a press operator in the manufacturing of stovetops. Many other groups of people come in contact with a lot of asbestos and are also at risk.

When he was diagnosed with mesothelioma he needed immediate medical attention. He found a few websites on the internet that are supposed to help people with mesothelioma cancer but nobody got back to him.

Then he found Even though he contacted them on a Sunday one of their patient advocates gave him a call back within minutes. They gave him a great deal of helpful information on doctors and resources available to him.

As a result of their website, he is now being treated at the national cancer institute and the patient advocates have even provided him with financial assistance so he could afford a place to live during his chemotherapy. If he had not reached out to this website he would likely be homeless and more importantly in Hospice waiting to die. These people gave him his only chance at survival.


My name is Alex. I was hoping to get in touch with someone about featuring on your site as I believe it's a great resource for your visitors. As someone who's lived with cerebral palsy all my life, I know how important it is for those living with or caring for coming with this condition to have access good educational and informational resources.

Could you kindly forward this to the correct individual or provide me with their information so I can contact them directly?

I sincerely appreciate your time and attention.

Best Regards,


Good Afternoon,

I came across VFW Post 5422 while looking for veterans organizations to reach out to about housing assistance available to veterans. Your dedication to helping veterans who put everything on the line for this beloved country is truly remarkable and something I personally admire. 

We’ve created a list of resources that can assist veterans and their families looking for information and help in their search for a home. If you check out the page we’ve created here -, you’ll see that we’re trying to compile and organize the information and resources that are available to veterans. I'm part of the Community Outreach team at The Realty Medics, we’re a property management and real estate investment firm with a hunger for educating and helping anyone who needs help with any real estate decisions.

I noticed that you have some useful links for our heroes, here - I think our site would be a great addition and benefit to veterans and their families. 



Community Outreach


    I came across the VFW Post 5422 while researching established Veteran support organizations. My grandfather is a proud Veteran of the U.S. Army and he has taught me countless invaluable life lessons so his well-being is of the up most importance to me. That's why I've made it my goal to personally reach out and raise awareness for Veterans. I cannot say thank you enough for all that your post has done to support our Veterans and their families in times of need!

     I’m part of the awareness advocate team at the Mesothelioma Group. We are a charitable organization supporting the VFW and American Legion. With over 30% of all mesothelioma patients being Veterans, a main part of our mission is to spread mesothelioma awareness to Veterans and their family members. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the extensive amount of asbestos used in past military equipment. Our goal at the Mesothelioma Group is to increase awareness, improving survival rates and life expectancy.

     I'm pleased to see you're actively promoting mesothelioma awareness on your Resources page at However I noticed you don't have any information relating specifically to the symptoms of mesothelioma. I believe our Mesothelioma Symptoms page at would be a valuable addition to your links. Our support community provides step-by-step guidance, Veteran support, and up-to-date resources, all for free. Do you mind including our group as well?


Nick Berez

Awareness Advocate

The Mesothelioma Group

The following was received from a US Navy Veteran who has a blog on Mesothelioma.

A cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Visit his blog or go to for more information.

My name is Doug Karr and I am a former Petty Officer Second Class for the United States Navy. I currently write about veteran health for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance at As you probably know, this is an extremely deadly disease that unfortunately affects many of our nations veterans and heroes. People do not find out that they have mesothelioma until long after exposure to asbestos (sometimes over 20 years) and early detection is key. If you could link to our site to assist with awareness efforts, I believe your visitors would get valuable information on a disease that is affecting more and more veterans every year.

Thanks so much for your help and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.




Douglas Karr, USN Veteran

Operations Desert Storm & Desert Shield

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