Service Officer

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Service Officer's Report


Talk To Our Service Officer

Our VFW/American Legion Service Officer job is to help any veteran, their family or someone in our community. He is responsible to help if you need help.

He is here to help you get:

  • hospital card

  • get into a hospital or Veteran's Home

  • file for compensation,

  • medical care,

  • college information

  • buying a home

  • widowed assistance and pensions, bonuses

  • find a missing vet

  • volunteer at our post

  • get you into a PTSD class

  • information on Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

  • death benefits

  • flag folding and ceremonies

  • forms for any reason (42 new ones this year)

  • Purple Heart Bonus

  • license plates

  • hearing aids and glasses (10% disability)

  • free hunting and fishing licenses,

  • free camping in DNR campsites

  • honor flight

  • correcting your DD214

  • finding your military records and medical records

  • life insurance caregivers

  • too many to list here.

Sometimes we vets don't want help because we are proud, angry at the government, want to forget our service time, or many other reasons. Remember, YOU served your country, you are not getting something for nothing, we earned every one of those benefits, and they weren't free.

If you need help, call the VFW at 1-815-926-2651 and we will have our service officer contact you.